About Us

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Our History

Since 2013, we’ve been designing and developing websites and making our customers happy. Starting out from HTML and CSS, we quickly added JavaScript and PHP to our services offered. We are proud to be able to offer fantastic websites built on great platforms such as WordPress, and when we build a site from scratch, we build with BootStrap to assure that it is responsive across all screen sizes. Most recently, we are excited to announce Social Media Marketing and SEO! Whatever your website goal is, we’ll get you from Point A to Point Z.

Nadzeshda, Owner

Since the early years of my life, I have been passionate about anything computer. Instead of spending my free childhood time playing video games and watching TV, I practiced typing on a lone keyboard. I bought my first laptop at 13, and I spent hours a day figuring out how to work a real computer of my own. 

Along with my passion for computers, I also have a deep fascination with how things work. One of my favorite shows to watch is “How its made”. Combining the two, I found the perfect job in web design and development. I can easily say that I’ve landed my dream job.

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